Reclaimed Vintage Bricks

How Vintage Bricks can Help You, Your Project and the Environment.

Vintage bricks vary from handmade, wire cut, pressed and engineering bricks. They originate from old clay quarries typical to their local areas. There are many different sizes and colours, and all bricks are from a range of historical periods of time. If you are looking to buy old bricks, look no further than Jim Wise Reclamation.

Reclaimed Vintage Bricks and the Enviromnent

At Jim Wise Reclamation we ensure that all of our bricks are the best quality and will be perfect for any project whether it be for house constructions or general vintage brickwork. The reclamation of old and vintage bricks is important to us as it reduces the carbon footprint rather than increasing it by using newly produced bricks, which is why you are able to buy old reclaimed bricks in hundreds of different varieties here at Jim Wise. The environment is important to us.

Where do Reclaimed Vintage Bricks Come From?

Our reclaimed vintage bricks are predominately sourced from sites across the North West. With our sister company Jim Wise Demolition Ltd being our main supplier we know all of our bricks are professionally cleaned and sorted by our own brick dressers. We also use all of our vast contacts to help us find more obscure vintage bricks. With over 25 years of experience in the reclamation of bricks, we are more than happy to help with any queries you may have. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide and advise you with high-quality reclaimed vintage bricks.